Wind Shift On The Water

February 13, 2009 1 Comment

Wind shifts on the water are, in many ways, an appropriate analogy for life. While wind shifts are fickle and largely unpredictable, careful research on historic wind patterns, and a close eye on your instruments, and on the water's surface, will provide important clues to what the wind wil likely do next - but there is never any sure bet on wind shifts. Wind shifts can help or hurt you, depending upon where you are at any given time, relative to your destination. A helpful wind shift will set you on a shorter course to your goal. An unfavorable shift will send you on a longer course - if not force you to tack to even reach your destination. Wind shifts are usually temporary. Eventually, things will revert to their historic norms. Favorable or unfavorable, wind shifts are inevitable, and we cannot maximize their benefit or minimize their damage unless we first, recognize them and then adjust to them. As I look out the window, the reality of the current economic downturn is at once imperceptible and profound. The morning's bright sunshine and blue skies belie the winter storm that I know will be here by evening. There are still the same number of boats moored or docked in the harbor. There is still the same amount of construction and hustle and bustle attending to the homes here. People are still going about their lives and still appreciating living by the water. Yet the gorgeous waterfront home across the street now has a "BEST BUY" sign out front. The condominiums down the street have been empty for months. And wherever I go, I notice there are fewer, if any, lines. Like many other retail and marine industry businesses, the present economic shift has put Nautical Luxuries off-course, requiring more than a tack; a complete re-evaluation of our destination. While charting the new course ahead, I look forward to sharing my thoughts, ideas, and experiences, through this Blog. I invite everyone who has enjoyed the Nautical Luxuries collection and shared my own passion for the sea, to join me, wherever this shift may lead. DJ

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Marcie Bell
Marcie Bell

January 06, 2017

I really enjoyed reading your “Windshift on the Water.” Well stated.

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