There Are No Ropes In Sailing!

June 11, 2010 1 Comment

My first time sailing, I was stumped by the foreign language spoken onboard; that everyone seemed to know except me. "No ropes?" I scoffed naively, "Well then, what are all those things tied to the sails and wrapped around the winches?" After much clucking and rolling of eyes among the rest of the crew, my language class began with a lesson on the difference between ropes and lines.

Boats, I learned, use lines, not rope. Rope, I was corrected, is relegated to land-based uses... like trimming some of our hottest new nautical pieces!  So here's to lines and learning a new language, and to ropes, and the beautiful accents they create for our getaways by the sea! Part of our line of handmade Italian Rope Serving Trays, this extra large one has a lift-out acrylic insert to securly hold two bottles and twelve glasses. Teak bottom has an inlaid compass rose design.  Nautical Pillow Rope KnotsA classic Knotty Nautical Accent Pillow in deep navy,  features a  traditional square knot motif - using actual ... err... rope - adds a great touch of color and nautical style to a chair or sofa. Part of our handmade Italian Rope Bath Accessories line, these rope towel rings and towel bars are available with chrome or gold plated fittings. Nautical Towel Ring Rope Nautical Towel Bar Rope

     Nautical Tray Cleat Handles

One of our most extraordinary nautical serving pieces has rope edging, wood deck planking and chrome trimmed cleat handles. Beautiful! The height of nautical craftsmanship is seen in our Yachtsman's Basket. Where else would you leave your favorite Prada pumps while you're onboard your superyacht?  The hatch-work wooden bottom promotes air circulation and lets water or sand slide through. Handles allow the crew to hoist precious cargo onto the stern deck for a quick cruise to an outlying island. I would definitely like to tag along where these baskets go! Deck Shoe Basket  And, one of the greatest little nautical gifts is our studly little Rope Knot Doorstop. With its loop handle, it's actually easier than standard jambs to move, and ever so much more stylish!
  If you're remodeling or decorating a bath or adding a few nautical accents to a family room, here are two great ideas: The Rope Trim Wall Mirror, and Rope Handled Ottomans - sturdy enough to use as extra seating anywhere in the house.            Nautical Mirror Rope TrimNautical Ottoman Rope So... I know that those are rope ottomans, but is that a rope lying on the deck, or a line! Whatever it's called, I love the nautical look! DJ

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January 06, 2017

Lines, ropes, whatever . . . the outcome remains the same. . .both can be used to secure one item to another, be a life line vs. life rope? Rope cattle or line cattle? Tie off a boat with a line or a rope . . . it is all in the vocabulary and how we use it in our daily language.

The nautical look represents freedom, fresh air and cool evenings after a long day in the sun.

Thanks for finding neptune’s treasure. The offerings on the Nautical Luxuries website are tasteful, elegant and yet everyday. A style all their own.


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