Marble Style Lacquered Superyacht Backgammon Sets


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Our Luxury Marble Style Lacquered Backgammon sets have achieved superyacht status, with their striking contemporary design and elegant durability. Each game in the Superyacht Collection provides players with an opportunity to relax and connect without any outside pressures. 

Every piece of every game is handmade out of the highest quality materials. From the sleek clear Lucite chess boards to the polished wood grain of the backgammon sets, these games are extraordinary decorative accents as well as elegantly entertaining pass-times.

A valued graduation, birthday, or wedding gift, this set features a white lacquered wood board with color-coordinated details to match the board's lacquered exterior. Each backgammon set includes 16 checker pieces and four dice. Hinged in the center, the board folds up to beautifully store all game pieces.

Available in your choice of white, midnight blue or blue striated marble-look exterior with coordinating color interior.

Raise your game with one of these extraordinary game sets.

Closed Board Measures: 17” x 11” x 3” tall.
Weight: 8 lbs.

These popular games are on backorder. We do not yet have an ETA.