Ultra Durables Dishwasher-Safe Acrylic Tumblers


These tumblers have been run over by a car, smacked with a baseball bat, and well tested with heavy restaurant use - all without breaking. So, it's safe to say your daily use onboard, poolside, or in the beach house dishwasher is not a problem.  

These crystal clear plastic tumblers are BPA-free. They don't sweat, and they keep drinks cold up to three times longer than other plastics and glass!  Available in three styles. Sold in sets of four.  

Available Styles:
Short Rocks/DOF Tumbler, 12 oz. capacity  
Round Base Stemless Wine Tumbler,  12 oz. capacity  
Tall Hi-Ball/Pint Tumbler 3 3/8 diam. x 5 7/8" tall, 16 oz. capacity

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