Sea Globes Underwater Centerpieces


Here's the perfect piece for anyone who could use a little 'seaside serenity'! A beautiful decorative accent for your home or office, it's like having your own undersea snow globe!  

Our Sea Globes are completely sealed glass orbs, filled with seashells, floating in a crystal clear bath of pure mineral oil.

The mineral oil not only prevents freezing with swings in temperature when your centerpiece is set outdoors, it also provides a viscous medium that allows a beautiful "slow-motion" effect of the settling shells, when shifted or shaken, and it maintains a streak and spot-proof glass surface that allows you to experience the full beauty and serenity of these unique pieces. 

Available as a set of three globes that look stunning placed together as a coffee table centerpiece or shelf decoration, or one single large globe, placed on a desk or side table to always remind you of your love for the sea. 2-week delivery.

Available sizes:
3-Piece Set Includes: 3.5" diameter globe, 4" diameter globe and 5" diameter globe
Single Large Globe: measures: 5" diameter x 4.5" tall.


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