San Blas Mola Embroidery Seahorse Pillow Set



We invite you to experience the rare beauty of Mola. Said to have originated from their body painting about 200 years ago, Mola was developed by the Kuna Indians of the San Blas Islands in Panama. From its body painting origins, Mola was translated into its present form of textile artwork combining embroidery and applique. With the Mola, the Kunas maintain some of the last and most beautifully crafted indigenous textile art forms in the world.

The San Blas Mola Embroidery Seahorse Pillow Set is handmade and unique in its patterning; a blend of the grace of the native Panamanian sea life with the intricate embroidery and applique work that is the unmistakable trademark of the Mola style.

As playful in shape as they are bold in color, the 100% cotton 3-D Seahorse Pillows are available in a 2-Pc set of dark and light blue seahorses. Each seahorse measures approx. 5" x 14".

Only one set remaining.

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