Old World Slender Floor-Standing Base Shelf Globe Bar



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Traditional nautical icons and rich, carved wood detailing add a beautiful touch of seafaring heritage and authenticity to your décor with our Old World Globe furniture accents. Tabletop or floor-standing globe bars and chess or poker globes are classic additions to your home or yacht.

Like the larger Old World Floor-Standing Globe Bar, the Slender Floor-Standing Bar also features an old nautical map on its surface. The top half of the 13" diameter globe can be lifted to reveal the hidden bar cabinet and the highly decorated globe interior. 

Glassware and bottles can be placed on the bottom shelf as well as inside the globe. The cabinet inside the globe is made of wood painted in a deep mahogany hue. Surrounding the globe is a wood rim with  vintage astrological details The three carved wooden floor stand legs have castor wheels for easy positioning. 

Some light assembly required. 

Globe measures: 13" diam.
Overall Dimensions: 17"L x 17"W x 35"H 

2-week delivery.