Metalcraft Collection: High Seas Ornament Set


Each whimsical ornament in our Metalcraft Collection is handcrafted by a talented group of Thai artisans as part of a Fair Trade/Fair Wage program. We are happy to be able to present their amazing coastal creations to you, and to participate in this Working Together For Good project.

Each ornament is crafted from a combination of nickel, copper, and brass. All ornaments are lead-free, and only lead free solder is used.

The High Seas Ornament Set includes a peg-legged, hook-handed, one-eyed, parrot-toting Pirate and a seagoing Pirate Ship with skull and crossbones pennant and bead cannons. Feather accents are artfully created out of handmade paper from mulberry trees. Ornaments measure approximately 4" long.

2-Pc. Set includes one Pirate and one Pirate Ship ornament. 2-3 week delivery.

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