Mediterranean Blue Mosaic Coastal Sink


Old Village Classics has been artfully handcrafting ceramic hand-painted sinks for 15 years "with love, care and personality." Made from the finest ceramic, and 100% hand painted in the USA, an Old Village sink means you are ensured of a beautiful, one-of-a-kind original work of art for your bath.

The Mediterranean Mosaic Coastal Sinks are made of white ceramic and hand-painted to look like stone, with a ring of hand-painted faux tiles in your choice of Mediterranean blue tiles, or darker Shoreline Seashell toned tiles. Design appears on the outside of the sink for vessel sinks, and on the inside of the sink for drop-in and under-counter styles. The sink can be ordered in your choice of sink shape and size. 

Vessel Sinks: Sit on the countertop and do not have an overflow.
Drop-In Sinks: are designed to allow the rim to sit on the countertop.
Drop-In and Under-Counter Sinks: have an overflow.

We recommend using your actual sink to confirm the precise measurements before cutting your countertop hole. Drain size is 1 ¾” and uses a standard drain assembly. Includes sink only; drain assembly is not included.

Please allow four weeks for delivery of this custom order item. Custom orders are not returnable.

STYLE A Decorative Oval Drop-In 
                Large: 20½” x 16¼”x 6" deep. Small: 17" x 14" x 6" deep.
STYLE B Flat Rim Round Drop-In   14¼”diam. x 5" deep.
STYLE B Flat Rim Round Under-Counter  11½”diam. x 5" deep.
STYLE C Rounded Rim Oval Drop-In  16" x 13½” x 5" deep.
STYLE D Rounded Rim Oval Drop-In  17¾”x 15¾”x 5½”deep.
STYLE E Flat Rim Oblong Under-Counter
                 Large: 17"x14"x6" deep. Small: 14"x11"x4 ½” deep.
STYLE F Round Vessel Countertop 
                 Large: 15" diam. x 5" deep. Small: 13"diam. x 5" deep.