Laser Etched Acrylic Signal Flags Tumbler Set


We're pleased to welcome The Signal Flags Tumbler Set, our first laser-etched non-breakable barware, to the Nautical Luxuries collection. The 16 oz. capacity clear acrylic tumblers each feature a different nautical signal flag with a whimsical, loosely translated version of the flag's meaning.

"AYE CAPTAIN", also known as code flag Charlie or "Affirmative".
"WHAT?", also known as numeral pennant #5, used here in place of the "Second Repeater" pennant.
"OCCUPIED", also known as code flag Alpha or "Have Diver Down, Keep Clear".
"SHARK BAIT", also known as code flag Oscar or "Man Overboard".

BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Not for microwave use.

Set of four tumblers.  2-week delivery.

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