Hand-Painted Anchor Border Nautical Sink


Old Village Classics has been artfully handcrafting ceramic hand-painted sinks for 15 years "with love, care and personality." Made from the finest ceramic, and 100% hand painted in the USA, an Old Village sink means you are ensured of a beautiful, one-of-a-kind original work of art for your bath.

The Anchor Border Sink is made of white ceramic, with a nautical anchor and rope motif set between two soft blue border lines, hand-painted on the inside of the bowl. It can be ordered in your choice of sink shape and size. 

Vessel Sinks: Sit on the countertop and do not have an overflow.
Drop-In Sinks: are designed to allow the rim to sit on the countertop.
Drop-In and Under-Counter Sinks: have an overflow.

We recommend using your actual sink to confirm the precise measurements before cutting your countertop hole. Drain size is 1 ¾” and uses a standard drain assembly. Includes sink only; drain assembly is not included. Please allow four weeks for delivery of this custom order item. Custom orders are not returnable.

STYLE A Decorative Oval Drop-In 
                Large: 20½” x 16¼”x 6" deep. Small: 17" x 14" x 6" deep.
STYLE B Flat Rim Round Drop-In   14¼”diam. x 5" deep.
STYLE B Flat Rim Round Under-Counter  11½”diam. x 5" deep.
STYLE C Rounded Rim Oval Drop-In  16" x 13½” x 5" deep.
STYLE D Rounded Rim Oval Drop-In  17¾”x 15¾”x 5½”deep.
STYLE E Flat Rim Oblong Under-Counter
                 Large: 17" x 14" x 6" deep.   Small: 14" x 11" x 4 ½” deep.
STYLE F Round Vessel Countertop 
                 Large: 15" diam. x 5" deep.  Small: 13"diam. x 5" deep.