Force Five Non-Skid Glasses Collection



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On the Beaufort Wind Force Scale, a force 5 wind is characterized as a fresh breeze, with moderate waves, whitecaps and small amounts of spray. On your dining table, that means things will be in motion, and you'll need the most stable tableware possible!

Our Force Five Non-Skid Acrylic Glasses are more stable than any other nonbreakable glass in our entire collection. The secret? A clear silicone ring inset into the base of each glass to provide maximum stability and security.

The collection includes three glass style options. (Short Tumbler is no longer available.) The glasses are imported from Spain, BPA free and suitable for cold beverages, or hot beverages below boiling point. Freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. 

Sold in sets of six glasses.  2-week delivery.

Short & Tall Tumblers are on backorder. Est. ship late December.

Glass Style Options: Shown left to right in first image:
All-Purpose Stem Wine Glass
Champagne Flute
Short Tumbler
Tall Tumbler