Classic Slim Profile Chrome Plated Yacht Handle


If you're looking to make a distinctive nautical statement with your decor, you won't find anything as authentically nautical as our Yacht Handles. These classically styled polished chrome-plated die cast zinc cleats can be found as a basic accessory on yachts around in the world. They also make a truly unique nautical handle for your cabinets and drawers.

The Slim Profile Cleat Handle is offered in chrome plated and also stainless steel finishes. The two finishes are both highly polished and look very similar. The Stainless Steel has a slightly darker, grayer look.  While the stainless steel is not a match for satin nickel, it is a little closer than the chrome.

Available in four sizes, the chrome plated Classic Slim Profile Handles are suitable for most standard drawers or cabinets. Larger sizes can also be used as door handles. Please measure your drawers, doors or cabinets carefully, to ensure these handles will fit.

Screws included for mounting through the top of the handle, into the drawer, cabinet or door.

Handles sold individually.  2-week delivery.

(Shown mounted on the white cabinets, are the 4" length handles.)

Sizes available: (See measurement diagram.)
4"    A length= 4"   B height= 1 1/4"  
6"    A length= 6"   B height= 1 9/16"    
8"    A length= 8"   B height= 1 13/16"
10"  A length= 10" B height= 2"

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