Chill Layer Acrylic Carafe Set


We love innovation, and the Chill Layer acrylics are our new favorite! The double-walled acrylic Chill Layer Carafe has a thin layer of non-toxic, re-freezable liquid sandwiched inside, that keeps pre-chilled wines, juices, milk and more cold for hours without diluting your favorite beverage!

Just pre-chill the carafes in the freezer for about two hours. Take them out and they will chill a room-temperature bottle of white wine to perfect temperature in about 20 minutes, or give a nice chill to red wines in about 4 minutes, before transferring the wine to a decanter.

Each Chill Layer Carafe holds 27 ounces and measures 12" tall.

Set of two Carafes - so you'll always have one within easy reach.

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