Calla Lily Yacht Silks Arrangement


White Calla Lily blooms and green foliage gracefully arch over the narrow "moon-style" clear glass vase. The "moon-style" vase resembles a full moon from the front, but is narrow rather than fully round from the side, making it the perfect solution for shallow spaces. Crystal clear resin in the round glass vase creates the perfect illusion of water while holding everything securely in place.

This beautiful silk arrangement is a smaller size, well suited for staterooms, bathrooms, or end/side tables. Round glass vase measures: 7" widest diameter x 6.5" high. Overall arrangement measures: 3" deep x 7" wide x 13" high.

Handmade in America, the Yacht Silks collection emphasizes attention to the smallest details, creating a remarkable illusion of fresh flowers in water. Each arrangement is custom crafted. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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