Anchor & Stars Tempered Glass Dinnerware


Our tempered glass dinnerware is about as close as glass can get to non-breakable! It's lightweight yet incredibly durable. Heating each piece to 700 degrees Fahrenheit during the manufacturing process is the secret to their incredible durability. If they do break, you'll appreciate that they won't shatter into hundreds of small glass shards- a highly desirable trait for poolside and onboard use!

The tempered glass dinnerware is about an inch smaller than our standard melamine dinnerware. This makes them a better choice for smaller boat and patio tables, and for boats or beach cottages with limited storage space.

Anchor & Stars Dinnerware is dishwasher and microwave safe, and won't scratch with a knife.   2-week delivery.

12-Piece Dinnerware Set includes:
Four 10" dinner plates
Four 8" salad/appetizer plates
Four 6.5" soup/cereal bowls

14-Piece Set includes:
12-Piece Dinnerware Set
Two 10.5" Serving Bowls

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