Beach Baby Air Dried Coastal Wreath


There are several hundred things about this wreath that will make you smile!  Like a carefree summer day at the beach when you were a child, our Beach Baby wreath brings back wonderful memories of carefree days in paradise! 

Hundreds of tiny 1/4 inch smiley-faced starfish adornments in a mix of pastel colors, are set onto a lush bed of natural sea grasses and willow twigs and adorned with a handful of real starfish to create an unexpectedly whimsical and decidedly delightful beach cottage wreath.

Our Beach Baby wreath is hand-constructed in the USA of air-dried Natural Rice Grass, petite natural Starfish, natural Avena, and Willow, adorned with multi-color pastel baby stars with happy faces. 

This natural,air-dried wreath will last longest when placed indoors, as humidity and direct sunlight will cause fading. Ships directly from manufacturer. Gift Wrap is not available.

Allow up to two weeks for delivery to the East Coast.

Size: 22" diameter. 

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