The Wishing Star Crystal Embellished Starfish



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Ever wished upon a star?  Like the sparkling stars in the night sky, our Wishing Star sparkles with the shine of dozens and dozens of clear crystals set on each leg of a natural Pencil Starfish.

Star light, star bright! Make your wish tonight, with the glimmering Wishing Star.  Each crystal embellished starfish is beautiful sitting on a side table, on your desk, coffee table or bookshelf, and they make a show-stopping centerpiece in groups of several starfish clustered together or set in your favorite display bowl.

Whatever your wish, one thing is sure to come true: you'll add a beautiful coastal touch to your seaside décor. The Wishing Star also makes a treasured gift to anyone who loves the sea.

Natural starfish measure approximately 6"-7" wide, and will vary slightly in size. 

The Wishing Star is sold individually, or in a set of three starfish.

1-2 week delivery.

These beautiful starfish are made by Mother Nature and hand-decorated in the .