Caleb Nichols Kiah Cascade Glass Sculpture



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There is something quite extraordinary about sailor and master glass sculptor Caleb Nichols. Fascinated and inspired by the many moods and vastness of the ocean, Caleb artfully blows each unique glass piece and then smashes it with a hammer. He then artfully fuses the pieces together, into beautiful, fluid sculptures that brilliantly reflect and refract light and color. Swirling shapes and rough shards of glass become the luminous fog, froth, foam, waves, beach stones and boulders of his signature ocean-themed works of art.

Inspired by a gently undulating creek, Kiah Cascade seems to freeze the flowing water, capturing the bubbling froth and swirling waters beneath. We hold our breath, as if at any moment, the waters might release and continue their relentless cascade downstream.

The artist has taken decades to master the eloquence of simplicity in his work; which has been shown at major galleries, museums and juried exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe. His pieces are also included in numerous public and private collections, including The White House.

Each piece is uniquely hand blown, and may vary slightly from the image. The Kiah Cascade Blown Glass Sculpture measures approximately 20"x20"x5".

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of the custom made sculptures.

This beautiful glass sculpture is handcrafted in the .