Orrefor's Intermezzo Blue Crystal Glassware



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raceful doesn't begin to describe the Orrefor's Intermezzo Blue crystal glasses. With their elegant blue glass accent sealed inside each glass, they're the ultimate addition to any table setting, on or by the water. 

For 125 years, Orrefors fine crystal has been collected by individuals and museums the world over.  We do not recommend cleaning crystal in a dishwasher since the heat and abrasive cleaners may mark the surface of the crystal. Handwashing is recommended.

Glasses are sold in sets of four. Available in ten different shapes:  Matching Water/Wine Carafe also available.

4-Pc. Glass Set Styles:
Stem All-Purpose/White Wine: 3" diam. x 9" tall. 14 oz. capacity 
Stem Balloon Red Wine: 4.5" diam. x 8.6" tall.  20 oz. capacity 
Stem Iced Tea/Water: 3.6" diam. x 7.5" tall, 15 oz. capacity 
Stem Champagne Flute: 2.6" diam. x 9.9" tall. 7 oz. capacity 
Stem Martini/Cocktail: 4.4" diam. x 6.75" tall. 7 oz. capacity 
Stem Cordial/Shot Glass: 2" diam. x 6" tall. 2 oz. capacity 
Juice/Water Tumbler: 2.7" diam. x 4.3" tall.  9 oz. capacity 
DOF/Rocks Short Tumbler: 3.5" diam. x 4" tall. 11 oz. capacity
Short Whiskey Neat: 3.2" diam. x 3.5" tall. 8.5 oz. capacity 
Hi-Ball/Tall Tumbler: 3" diam. x 5.9" tall 13 oz. capacity 

Water/Wine Carafe: 4.25" diam. x 12" tall. 37 oz. capacity

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