High Seas Sailing Glass Barware Collection



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Our High Seas Sailing barware collection is a charming way to share your love of boats and the sea. The playful, all-over nautical sailboat design also makes this collection a wonderful gift for anyone with a bit of nautical wanderlust or a sailor's heart!

If you look closely, you'll notice that one boat in the entire fleet is sailing in the opposite direction. Lost its way? Or maybe has wind that the others don't! Either way, it's an extra touch of fun any sailor will enjoy!

The High Seas Sailing glasses are stylish enough for an elegant cocktail party yet casual enough for lemonade on the beach cottage porch. They're a heavier weight to stand up to dishwasher use making them a carefree addition to any beach cottage cupboard. 

Glasses sold in sets of four. 1-2 week delivery.

4-Pc. Glass Sets:
Short DOF/Rocks Glasses: 14 oz. 
Tall Hi-Ball Glasses: 15 oz.
All-Purpose Wine: 18 oz.
White Wine: 12 oz.
Stemless Wine Tumbler:  17 oz.
Stem Martini/Cocktail: 10 oz.
Tall Cordial/Shot Glass: 2.5 oz. (6-Pc. Set)

This beautiful glassware is made in the .