Deep Sea Embrace Pewter Wine Glass Sets


Inspired by a tale from 17th Century Italian folklore in which an octopus rings the church bells in order to save the village of Tellara from a pirate raid, a "kraken" style cast pewter octopus lifts a mighty anchor while balancing the glass bowl.

The high polish metal and exotic design reflect the quality and craftsmanship that went into creating each piece. Pewter requires little maintenance. Hand wash in warm water and dry completely to prevent spotting.  

Glasses sold in 4-Pc. Sets. 2-week delivery.

Shown in enlargement, left to right:
Champagne Flute: 7.25 oz. , 9.5" tall
White Wine: 12.25 oz., 9" tall
Bordeaux Red Wine: 21 oz. , 9.25" tall
Balloon Red Wine: 22.75 oz.  8.75" tall

Martini/Cocktail: 10 oz., 7.75" tall

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