Wreaths That Help Protect Our Oceans

November 30, 2010

Admittedly, I am passionate about the sea - the lifestyle it engenders, the beauty it embodies, the pleasurable moments it brings - and I feel strongly that with that passion comes a responsibility to preserve this priceless resource.  Once again this December, Nautical Luxuries is donating a percentage of wreath sales to the International SeaKeepers Society. The SeaKeepers not only share my passion for the sea, but are also actively involved in protecting it. A US-based non-profit organization, SeaKeepers monitors the health of the world’s oceans by deploying information-gathering modules on private yachts, cruise ships, and other vessels and coastal locations around the planet.  I cannot think of a more beautifully appropriate gift for nautical enthusiasts to give or receive, than a holiday wreath adorned with the sea’s bounty;  a beautiful statement of their passion and commitment to the sea!  Included with each wreath is a note letting the recipient know that the wreath they've received has helped to protect our oceans.  Learn more about the SeaKeepers.  See our entire selection of coastal wreaths.    DJ     

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