Wink If You Can Read This

November 13, 2010

It isn't often that we introduce such a great fashion accessory! Quintessentially nautical, fashionably elegant and truly clever fun, these hand-painted scarves are now on my Christmas wish list! And, I hope every gift-challenged man out there who thinks a polo shirt and a matching team hat are exactly what she wants for Christmas, is listening. Not only will she look terrific stepping off the boat, attending this year's Installation Banquet, or even sitting in a meeting at the office, you'll score extra points for creating something that's uniquely hers. Customized code flags let you create your own special message, just for her. Four different scarf styles allow for up to 20 letters along one side, or up to 10 letters on each end. Our staff came up with a few favorite ideas: ITS HAPPY HOUR SOMEWHERE         LOVE TO SAIL    WINK IF YOU CAN READ THIS         SAILING NUT  CHAMPAGNE FOR EVERYONE         TROPHY WIFE  I AM THE COMMODORES WIFE       BORN TO SAIL  I AM NO MANS GALLEY SLAVE      WINCH WENCH    THIS IS MY SAILING SCARF          I SAIL DO YOU   WILL SAIL FOR CHAMPAGNE         TIME FOR RUM Have fun getting creative, but do order by December 1st to ensure delivery in time for Christmas! DJ

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