Whiskey: Not Just For Pirates Anymore

February 16, 2015

While whiskey decanters and rocks glasses might conjure Whiskey Renaissanceup traditional images of pirates or men in business suits relaxing in dark, wood-paneled libraries decorated with old portraits of statesmen and distinguished luminaries,  in fact, it is women who are leading the current Whiskey Renaissance. With women joining the ranks of power, be it in politics or business, old attitudes are shifting --and barware patterns are also changing. We’ve developed a new look to our classic whiskey decanters that will appeal to every whiskey lover!   Compass Decanter          Sail Boat decanter Our Captains Decanters with compass rose and sailboat themes have a classic look that simply never goes out of style. The new Angler’s Decanter and Rocks Glasses are angler decanter setinspired by mid-century stylized fish designs. Bold yet charming, they are artfully engraved and polished to breathe fresh life into an age-old theme.      

 GB-AE anchor rope barware enl

Our line of Bohemian hand-engraved crystal is a true showstopper, with coiling rope and iconic nautical anchors, in crystal clear or intense cobalt blue.

Here’s to the whiskey aficionados among us, especially the nautically inclined ones, whether they be on land or at sea! DJ

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