The Most Popular Item We Ever Had

September 25, 2008

You just never know when an item is going to be a huge success, but it certainly helps to have Coastal Living feature it in their magazine - as happened to our Coral Coir Doormat last September. Terrific photo, catchy copy, beautiful item, great price and guess what, we had a smash success on our hands. Until... we ran out, barely two weeks after the magazine hit the newsstands - and couldn't get more! Surely, if we could have filled the hundreds of requests we received, it would have been the biggest seller we ever had! A year later, and we're STILL getting requests for that doormat from people just now finding that year-old issue of Coastal Living! Well, great news for everyone who wanted one last year, and everyone who has yet to read through their September, 2007 Coastal Living Magazine... a terrific new Coral Coir Doormat is on the way, and will start shipping the end of November. With its seafoam and taupe color scheme, multi-branch coral design, and the same sand-trapping natural coir fiber construction, we think it's an even better mat than last year's! You be the judge, but - a word to the wise, (based on our experience last year), order early! DJ <a href="" rel="me">Technorati Profile</a>

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