Salty Surf Dogs

September 20, 2010

Tails were wagging and crowds were cheering, once again, at this year's Surf City Surf Dog competition in Huntington Beach.  The sizeable surf and chilly 58-degree water temperature made wet suits and fur coats the order of the day as everyone took to the salt water for the annual contest, and hundreds more spectators watched from the beach. The size of the surf was daunting for the novice 'groms' in the small dog category - good thing they let the big dogs surf first while the tide ebbed and things calmed down a bit.  The competition was rrruff but, with the help of his in-water coach, Kye, and the support of his onshore coaches and cheering squad of Lisa, Susan and Grant, Mr Jones caught several waves, managed to hang ten a couple of times, (before attempting to hang 20 off the nose), and hung in long enough to take third place!! Great fun with two of my favorite things - the ocean and Mr Jones! DJ

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