Late June, 2008

August 08, 2008

Lido Island Summer 2008

Living on an island is one of my favorite luxuries. Being surrounded by water, there’s only one way on or off this particular island - without something that floats, anyway, and that's the narrow, 2-lane Lido Island bridge. The bridge also offers one of the best views of Newport Harbor – right up there, in my book, with the view from the bar at Balboa Yacht Club. There’s a lot to see from the bridge: the white-hulled yachts filling every possible inch of dock space; the towering carbon fiber racing spars that circle the island; the endless parade of surrey-like electric Duffy boats, cruising ever-so-slowly under the bridge and past the waterfront island homes. Welcome to my little corner of nautical luxury, where nautical is ubiquitous and yet as individual and unique as each of the residents on this tiny little island. It is a special place and a continual inspiration for Nautical Luxuries. DJ

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