Just One More Thing To Dust?

July 16, 2010

Sure, over the years a few sailing trophies may have managed to find their way to my home. Tucked into the bookcases, or half-hidden on shelves "artfully" filled with pictures and model boats, my collection includes the standard etched brass platters and sailboats mounted on wood, a few glass vases, and even a brass candlestick holder. I think my favorite, though, is a tiny, 4-inch tall plastic trophy each of us crew received from the owner after winning the annual Women's Ocean Racing Series. Possibly because it's never needed Brasso, but mostly because it continues to remind me of a great regatta, a great boat, and a great season. In mid-July now, the summer racing season is full-on, (in the northern hemisphere at least), and trophy presentations are occurring almost daily. All jokes about dust-gathering trophies aside,  I don't envy the yacht club's Trophy Chair. It's not easy finding trophies that recipients might actually find unique and/or more interesting or useful than the standard cups, bowls, platters and mugs.  Inspired by that challenge, I went on my own hunt for new trophy ideas. Voila! The new Nautical Luxuries Regatta Trophy Collection has just launched online!  Here's a sampling of what you'll find - all completely customizable:                       Cheese Boards                            Footed Bar Blocks          Multi-Stripe Double Cleat Carvery Boards               Single Mahogany Stripe Cleat Carvery Boards                                 Single Stripe Double Cleat Carvery Boards      Multi-Stripe Double Cleat Carvery Boards                                                                                                  Chopping Blocks              French Bread Boards & Double Cleat Cheese Serving Boards And of course the usual and the not-so-usual  engravable crystal pieces (Love the sailboat vases):                      Crystal Sailboat Trophy Vases                               Scroll Handle Ice Buckets                           Classic Triumph Trophy Vases                             Engravable Crystal Paperweights And a few more unique trophy options, though not engravable, still enviable trophies to receive!                              Cleat Bookends                                                Etched Sailboat Barware                 Etched Compass Rose Barware                     Code Flag Glass Sets in Glass or Acrylic Plenty of great reasons to sail smart and fast! Cheers, DJ

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