July 31, 2008: Buying Report

August 08, 2008

How can something be so grueling, yet so fun?

Going to the markets twice each year is as exhilarating to my creative senses as it is excruciating to my feet! I'm happy to report, though, that not only did I survive the endless trek through showroom after showroom, in city after city, I am very excited about the new luxuries we'll be introducing this fall and next spring. (Stay tuned for some sneak peaks.)

I'd been warned during previous buying trips, though, that coastal - especially coral - was slipping in popularity. Not so, according to what I saw in more showrooms than ever, (and in many cases, featured right up front). Clearly, the coastal/nautical theme is not only alive and well, but is benefiting from the attention of wonderful designers with new and exciting interpretations of traditional shell, coral, and marine life motifs.

Can't wait to introduce the new line!

Lido At Dusk

After a challenging week of traveling, it's always nice to head back to SNA and re-immerse in the island life. A glass of wine and a relaxing sunset walk around the island with Mr Jones, and I'm now completely rejuvenated and ready to start work on bringing the new collection to life online and in our showroom. DJ Nightly Walk

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