"I Must Have Flowers, Always And Always"

December 28, 2013

We couldn't agree more with Claude Monet's love of flowers.  No matter the season, there's simply nothing more beautiful than being surrounded by fresh cut flowers onboard, or in your cottage by the sea. Fresh cut flowers aren't always practical, or even possible, though, which is why we've introduced Yacht Silks. 52 astoundingly realistic permanent silk floral arrangements for yacht and home, let you enjoy the beauty of fresh cut flowers any time of year - year after year. With 52 different arrangements, you're sure to find a style that speaks to your personal style: Formal traditional?       Peony Nosegay        White Tulip Bouquet       White Lily Bouquet   White Gladiola Bouquet   Classic romantic?          Tangerine Rose & Tulip    Rose & Ranunculus           Woodsy Rose Bouquet    Peach Rose Bouquet     Rare tropical?          Mixed Orchids    Vanda Orchid Arrangement             Phalaenopsis Orchid   Orchids, Protea & Lily       Stunning arrangements with river stones, plant fronds and vines are set in realistic looking water created by clear resin. A beautiful look that also offers stability. Lower, horizontal styles are best-suited for onboard use, but every arrangement comes with silicon low-profile "feet" to help prevent movement while on the water. DJ

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