I Can't Believe It's Not...

October 01, 2010

The first time I spotted the dinnerware gleaming brightly on the display shelf, my eyes got wide... and then I sighed in disappointment.  "You see," I said to the sales rep standing next to me, "THIS is the kind of fashionable dinnerware I'd love to have on boats, but it's just not practical." The rep smiled silently, then reached up and carefully removed one of the dinner plates from its stand. She held her arm out a few feet above the floor and simply let the plate drop...  I jumped out of the way, mouth open, staring in disbelief as it bounced unbroken, 'clackety-clack,' off the showroom floor. I couldn't believe it! I am in Heaven! Finally, non-breakable dinnerware that looks so much like fine stoneware, you simply cannot tell the difference until you hold it in your hand! To anyone looking for dinnerware that will stand up to the demands of poolside or onboard use, and is as fashionable as the rest of your seaside home or yacht interior - I need say nothing more about our new line of non-breakable dinnerware than this: you can't believe it's not... but it IS!               

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