Hommage To The Sailor's Favorite Red Cup

August 09, 2014

Few things are as ubiquitous, or as popular with sailors worldwide, as the iconic red Solo Cup.  When we heard they were now available in re-usable, hard, double-walled plastic - and came in new shapes for wine, martini's and margaritas, well, we just had to smile! Here are just a few examples of intrepid boaters and sailors putting the Red Cup to use in admirably creative ways: red cup parade 2 Red Cup parade Red Cup float And - for you real Red Cup afficionados, did you know that those lines on each cup are actually there for a reason? Not that anyone I've ever know has ever, or would ever, actually serve to them... Red Cup lines Or, did you know they come in party lights? Red Cup Lights Or serving buckets? red cup popcorn red cup bucket We're excited to see the new styles, and look forward to putting them to use onboard, and ashore. Red Cup Group Cheers, matey! DJ

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