Front Row Seats On The Harbor

August 24, 2012

Like most harbors, Newport Harbor is nearly always bustling; even more so during the summer months. If you're lucky enough to live on the water, you have a front row seat for the club races on summer evenings, the massive, slow-moving charter boats, and the endless parade of electric boats and stand-up paddleboarders. If you're not on the waterfront, well, I've always been a fan of web cams as a great substitute for being there - day or night. Web cams are also a great promotional tool, which is why I was a little surprised to see that Newport Beach doesn't have a harbor web cam. Balboa and Newport Harbor Yacht Clubs have web cams, and so does the Pavillion/Ferry, but there's no way to get a panoramic view, say from Hoag Hospital's amazing hilltop vantage point, or even from the Newport Blvd. Bridge. Just for fun, here are a few other yacht club and harbor web cams I did find online, both in the US and beyond. Enjoy! Newport Harbor Yacht Club Balboa Yacht Club at White's Cove Sandy Bay Yacht Club Minnetonka Yacht Club Grand Bend Yacht Club Wayzata Yacht Club Morro Bay Yacht Club Santa Barbara Yacht Club Brockport Yacht Club Portland (ME) Yacht Club Annapolis Yacht Club Annapolis Yacht Club web cam #2 Whitstable Yacht Club in the UK Royal Brighton Yacht Club in Australia Canberra Yacht Club in Australia Sandringham Yacht Club in Australia Britannia Yacht Club in Canada Chester Yacht Club in Canada Puerto Galera Yacht Club in the Philippines And here's a link to 18 different web cams around San Francisco Bay. DJ

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