Forecasting Design Trends

October 06, 2008

Have you ever wondered where design trends come from - and who makes the decisions?
[caption id="" align="alignright" width="296" caption="As Close To Trendy Purple As We Get"]As Close To Trendy Purple As We Get[/caption] Well, according to an article in the Las Vegas Market Insider written by Michelle Lamb, (co-founder and chairman of Marketing Directions, Inc., and senior editor of The Trend Curve), the color purple will reign for another two years. (It's hot now??) Then, Lamb says, color will begin to drift to the cool side and pinks will take up a "banner of warmth" that will make coral tones (ahah!) trend-forward. So, apparently our coastal/nautical style is behind the trend curve, but we're going to be trend-forward again if we just wait two years. Lamb also says that blues of all shades will increase in popularity. (Definitely nautical) She predicts yellows will rise in prominence, especially yellows with a slight tinge of green. (I think that covers just about every color but neutrals... but wait...) Lamb says the metallic trend is on a roll, while butter yellow will be a popular choice for painted woods. (butter yellow?) [caption id="" align="alignright" width="299" caption="Butter Yellow Could Be A Hit"]Butter Yellow Could Be A Hit[/caption] Lamb notes that wood dining/kitchen pieces are "adding distressed, even hacked-up textures, with highly visible knots that fit in with the eco trend," and that painted wooden cabinets are becoming a hot item. (Definitely works with the beach cottage look, but does Ikea know about this?) Professional-grade stainless steel appliances will continue to drive purchases, but there will also be a resurrection in black appliances. (Supposedly to go with the painted butter yellow cabinets.) [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="234" caption="Slubby Linen & Textures We Love"]Textures We Love[/caption] According to Lamb, the fabric trend is all about elaborate weaves with finely executed contrasts - matte and shine, or levels of toned-down luster. (This we do love!) Linen will continue to be a top seller (Amen!) as will velvet, though the first hints of a slowdown are beginning to emerge, (striking fear into our glam-loving hearts!). Moroccan influences will continue to be popular. Intricate patterns, braid work and targeted icons are suggestive of a folkloric Russian influence to come. (Where this will fit with coastal/nautical I'm not sure yet, but certainly a significant number of new superyacht builds are being undertaken by Russian owners, so perhaps the superyacht decorators will know.)
New Knobs Change The Entire Look!
The DJ style trend prediction? During a time when disposable income is not a plentiful commodity, regardless of your decorating style, design trends will be all about pillows, paint, knobs, coverlets, and curtains; the most cost-effective ways to give your decor a fresh new look, and your spirits a healthy boost! And, until coastal/nautical is, once again, riding the crest of the official design trend wave, I think I'll just sink down into my shabby chic beach cottage armchair, cozy-up with a semi-lustrous shell pillow and a soft neutral-toned sea life throw, and thank my lucky stars that I'm trendy enough to be fully two years ahead of the curve, and happy as a clam to be living by the water. DJ

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