Early August: A Toast To The Web Crew

August 08, 2008

Unfortunately for our Web Crew, I’m always looking to raise the bar on elegance at I’ve never once heard them grumble, and they’ve always risen to the challenge. This time, they’ve done an outstanding job translating vague input for a more sophisticated look into what you now see on our home page, and throughout the entire site. The new look is terrific, but that’s not all... They’ve also set up a new Living By The Water section that will allow us to keep you posted on a wide variety of coastal/nautical lifestyle topics. The new blog, for example, is one of my favorite additions. I started writing posts a couple of months ago, to set the stage with a little background on who and where we are, and why I love the nautical lifestyle. Now that we’re live, I’ll be able to focus more on our products and the experiences and input we’ve received from our customers. I look forward to your comments and I raise my glass in toast to Bud and Alane, our Website crew for a job well done! DJ

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