Boating In Heels

October 29, 2008

Revelations of a Boating 'Betty' I've been accused of being a 'Betty' on more than one occasion. Fair enough. Like many female sailors/boaters I suspect, I often prefer my heels to my Dubarrys, champagne bubbles to beer suds and an afternoon chat with friends in the cockpit to an afternoon in the engine room. And I have been seen more frequently sitting in the Princess Section on the stern with a glass of Chardonnay in my hand, than trimming the main with a winch handle... in my grinder's hand... Curiously, though, I am still drawn to the uncompromising and often inhospitable world of wind, water and boats; even more so, to the intense competitiveness of yacht racing. It is my passion- which I have indulged for the better part of 30 years, in an increasingly un-macho manner. After crewing on everything from Olympic Class Solings, to first class superyachts, I have learned one unavoidable truth- the smaller the boat, the less 'Betty-friendly' it will be! Of course, once you get into the realm of million-dollar yachts, you truly DO have all the comforts of home - not to mention crew- but in the smaller ranges, compromise and inventiveness are a real 'Betty's' best friends. Wearing heels to the boat and deck shoes onboard? Sunscreen on the water and Chanel in the yacht club? Open-finger sailing gloves with a French manicure? Aigle boots with a pedicure? Champagne in an unbreakable acrylic flute? Ahh, now that's my kind of Betty-boating. You could say that my 'Betty' attitude was behind the very start of Nautical Luxuries. I saw no reason to compromise my own sense of style to create a nautical theme in my home decor, or find an elegant gift for a fellow boater. Nautical Luxuries has simply provided a better option for sophisticated nautical and coastal enthusiasts; one that matches their tastes without compromise. Feathering Your Floating Nest Over the years, an increasing number of customers have come to Nautical Luxuries seeking advice and ideas on decorating their boat interiors or, as I like to refer to it, feathering their floating nests. These are not superyacht nests, but an extraordinarily wide variety of boats, from harbor-cruising electric boats, to fractionally owned performance boats, to racing sailboats, to Sportfishing Boats. Each style of boat has its own decorating challenges and opportunities and owners with equally discriminating tastes and needs. To the new owner, a boat can be an alien world that comes without 'Betty' instructions. To the veteran boater, West Marine may be a familiar outfitting resource, but their nest-feathering options are limited. I've started a new series of Feathering Your Floating Nest posts to share some of the ideas and solutions that have proved helpful to many of our customers with the hope that they'll be useful to you as well: - Taking Inventory & Creating A Plan - Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics - The New Options - Space, Stowage & Bending A Few Decor Rules - Galley, Cabin & Head Betty Basics - Before & After Gallery of Ideas - Entertaining Onboard A well-feathered floating nest is a place you'll enjoy spending time with family and friends. To this 'boating Betty', that truly is my favorite definition of "simply messing about in boats!" DJ

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