Beauty In The Details

September 19, 2008

As part of our new Fall Collection, we're introducing a beautiful new line of extraordinary hand embroidered linens from Thornvale, a South African company with a story as extraordinary as their linens. Since 1999, Thornvale has produced meticulously embroidered linens made by Sesotho women in the Free State, South Africa. The sophistication and perfection of their embroidery work is unmatched. Thornvale currently provides employment for 125 women, (many of whom are heads of their household), in a very depressed part of South Africa where the unemployment level is exceptionally high. Thornvale literally feeds hundreds of families through this project, which is truly a beautiful accomplishment in itself! Among the embroidery designs we're carrying are a lively sea life pattern of crabs and starfish called "Marine Life"; a whimsical "Schooling Minnows" pattern, and an elegant "Coral Branches" pattern. Each design is available in a variety of embroidery thread colors. It's a pleasure to offer such uniquely beautiful products. It's also very gratifying to know that the production of these linens is enhancing the lives of so many talented and dedicated people. An email from our sales rep echoed my own enthusiasm for the project: "I can't begin to tell you how many people you will be touching. I am going to give the link to the ladies in South Africa - they will be so thrilled to be on your site. Kind regards, Sue" DJ

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