A New Season Of Boating In Heels

June 23, 2009

As the crew headed downwind during last Thursday's Balboa Yacht Club Beercan Race, the wind simply shut off, stranding us a tantalizing hundred yards or so from the finish line. Springing into action, the finely tuned crew immediately... turned on the stereo. Then Dan pulled out a chilled magnum of champagne and launched the cork straight into the mainsail. A protestable case of ooching? An arguable example of pumping? Whatever it was, it certainly reminded me of just how fun Thursday night racing in Newport Harbor can be! Leave the papers on the desk - turn off the computer - it's time to put on some gloves and go sailing! Or, in the case of this breeze-challenged Thursday, put on some sunnies, grab a light-air Regatta Gear jacket, break out the acrylic champagne glasses and pass the magnum! Aaahh, another season of fun aboard Larry's Cha Cha Cha, and (when not trimming), boating in heels! Life is good. Spare no champagne! DJ

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