A Bobbling Good Idea

June 21, 2011

There's no shortage of smiles and laughter around here, each time we get a new Bobblehead order in from the sculptors. It's hard not to laugh at those little heads bobbling about!  Too bad we can't capture that in a still photo. Just received a thank you note from another happy helms-couple: "Caryn LOVED the Bobbleheads of us. We look at them and laugh often. Enclosed is a photo of our bobbleheads. Thanks again.    Best regards,  Bill" What yachtsman or yachtswoman wouldn't get a kick out of a miniature caricature of themselves at the helm! From their deck shoes to their sailing jackets, our bobblehead figures are truly a one-of-a-kind gift idea for any sailor. All we need to create your very own bobblehead figure is a front and side close-up photograph of the face and head. Can you imagine an entire AC team of Bobblehead Sailors? Larry Ellison? Russell Coutts? Spithill? Cayard? How about Dennis Connor? Lowell North? ... bobbling away on YouTube? The mind bobbles - boggles! DJ

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