A Bit Of Superyacht Fun For Superbowl Season

January 14, 2019

A Bit Of Superyacht Fun For Superbowl Season

It’s no surprise to anyone that yachts and race cars seem to go hand-in-hand with the luxury yachting lifestyle. Perhaps no better example than the Monaco Grand Prix, where superyachts practically line a portion of the racecourse!  A spectacular spectator opportunity, to be sure, and a seriously fun opportunity for one of the NFL’s best, to relax onboard.   

At last year’s Grand Prix, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady took a break from race viewing to lob a pass from the superyacht he was on, to none other than Australian Formula One race car driver, and 2018 Monaco Grand Prix winner, Daniel RIcciardo, aboard another yacht. 


Check out the full video of Tom’s super superyacht pass and Daniel’s super catch, here:

Here’s to more super fun on the water and to another great Superbowl!

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