4th of July, 2008

August 08, 2008

Bowman: Mr Jones What a day for being on the water!

Mr. Jones, (handsome lad in yellow jacket), and I started the day early, with a jog around the island, accompanied by solitary rowers skimming silently past us on the water. It wasn’t long, though, before our tranquil little island was transformed by the summer onslaught of beachgoers and partying harbor-cruisers.

By noon, Mr. Jones and I were right in the thick of things on the harbor in our little kayak. Everywhere we paddled, there was music, and people were having the time of their lives! Despite the price of fuel, boating continues to be one of the best values going for family fun.

We made our way through the harbor "traffic" and on down the channel to meet up with friends aboard Cha Cha Cha. A ration or two of rum later, we were on our way back - Mr. Jones clinging tenaciously to his square of carpet on the tiny bow and barking like a lunatic at anything and everything that motored, sailed or floated our way.

As the sun edged lower, turning the water a glorious silver, the waterside grills started sending the most wonderful aromas out over the water, and the sound of fireworks announced the beginning of a night of national celebration. We glided back towards the island and up onto the beach.

Time to hose off the salt water, head inside, and thank my lucky stars for being an American and for living by the water.


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