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We present a sneak preview of all the newest Nautical Luxuries added to the Website. You'll find these items also listed in their respective categories on this website.
Fisherman's Bobber Base Table Lamp
Brighten up your lake house or beach retreat, and lighten the mood, with our whimsical Fisherman's Bobber Base Table Lamp. A red and white fishing bobber is cast in resin and painted with a rustic look, set on a squared pedestal base. It is topped with a natural burlap round shade. A small red ball finial sits on top. Lamp measures 24.5" tall. Burlap shade measures 14" diam. x 10" tall.
#HL-CR24-00Fisherman's Bobber Base Table Lamp$145
Sandpiper Flock Table Lamp
Nice and neutral in sandy beige tones, the Sandpiper Flock Table Lamp has a delightfully casual coastal feel. Thin-legged Sandpipers perch on a piece of driftwood as they scan for their next meal. The wood base is topped with a natural linen shade. Sitting up above, is a Sandpiper finial! The lamp measures 23" tall. The linen shade measures 17" x 8" x 9" tall. 2-week delivery.
#HL-CR23-00Sandpiper Flock Table Lamp$215
Gold Leaf Anchor Chain Table Lamp
Coastal decor doesn't get more chic than the sophisticated Gold Leaf Anchor Chain Table Lamp. A rigid ring of metal chain is swathed in gold leaf and topped with a rectangular white linen shade. Flat metal base has tiny golden ball feet. Lamp measures 24" tall. Linen Shade measures 16" x 9" x 10" tall. 2-week delivery.
#HL-CR22-00Gold Leaf Anchor Chain Table Lamp$212
Frosted Sea Glass Table Lamp
Like a breath of fresh air, our Frosted Sea Glass Table lamp lets you feel like summer year-round! A tall lamp, it stands 33" high. The glass base is accented with a polished chrome finish footed metal base and finial. It is topped with a round white silk shade. Lamp measures 33"tall Shade measures 17" diam. x 10" high. 2-week delivery.
#HL-CR21-00Frosted Sea Glass Table Lamp$289
Rippling Tides Shade Table Lamp
Here's an ultra sophisticated table lamp that offers a subtle coastal touch with it's nautical navy shade covered with a rippling texture like the water's surface. The graceful, clear glass base adds to the chic, elegant look making this a lamp that goes with any coastal decor. Lamp measures 28.75"h x 15.75"d. 2-week delivery.
#HL-IX10-00Rippling Tides Shade Table Lamp$258
Vintage Glass Fisherman's Float Table Lamp
Inspired by the floats used by fishermen for centuries, the Vintage Glass Fisherman's Float Table Lamp adds a traditionally nautical tone to your decor. The glass ball-shaped base is wrapped in jute rope and topped with a natural flared drum shade. Lamp measures 23.25"h x 15.75"d. 2-week delivery.
#HL-IX11-00Vintage Glass Fisherman's Float Table Lamp$340
Floating Driftwood Table Lamp
An extraordinarily sophisticated take on rustic beach cottage, our Floating Driftwood Table Lamp is a combination of the best of both. Using a special process, a rustic piece of natural driftwood is encased inside a crystal clear acrylic block, to create a uniquely coastal lamp, set atop a brushed metal base. The rectangular shade is made of natural linen and is topped by a clear acrylic block finial. Lamp measures 26.25"h x 15"w x 8"d. 2-3 week delivery.
#HL-IX12-00Floating Driftwood Table Lamp$695
Nautical Weave Mini-Indoor Accent Rugs
Here's a great indoor rug in a smaller size that's perfect for galleys and baths, where space is limited and comfort is important! The 14"x26" rug is made of soft woven rope that feels comfortable underfoot. It is a thicker rug, 5/8" high. Available in your choice of navy with natural accents, or natural with navy blue accents.
Denizen Of The Deep Accent Clock
Deep beneath the sea, lurking silently among the giant kelp and nestled among the seashells our Denizen Of The Deep keeps track of the time. Cast in iron, with a rustic patina finish, the uniquely marine piece frames a traditionally styled round quartz clock. Tiny ball feet also cast in iron. Overall clock measures 8"h x 5"w x 2" deep. Perfect for a desk, shelf or beach house bedside table. Battery operated; battery not included. 2-week delivery.
#HS-SX44-00Denizen Of The Deep Accent Clock$44
Mermaid Daydream Accent Clock
Here's a great beach home accent, or a cherished gift for your favorite mermaid. Cast in iron, the little mermaid seems to be lost in a happy dream, sitting beneath a traditionally styled round quartz clock. Overall clock measures 6.5"h x 6.5"w x 5.5" deep. Perfect for a desk, shelf or bedside table. Battery operated; battery not included. 2-week delivery.
#QC-SX43-00Mermaid Daydream Accent Clock$50
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