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February 24, 2015

Super, Superyacht Captaining

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OK, I’ll admit to getting a little nervous navigating an 18-ft. electric boat around the harbor sometimes.

Can you imagine captaining a 256 foot long, 39-ft. wide superyacht?!  venus

39 wide house This HOUSE is 39-ft wide!    Now… try to drive 6 of those houses together,

through this 55-ft wide bridge: 55 wide bridge …. from the 4th story.  venus wheelhouse

A drone captured the late Steve Jobs’ yacht Venus during her passage through the Simpson Bay Bridge in Sint Maarten. Talk about threading the needle, that’s some super, superyacht captaining!


February 16, 2015

Whiskey: Not Just For Pirates Anymore

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While whiskey decanters and rocks glasses might conjure Whiskey Renaissanceup traditional images of pirates or men in business suits relaxing in dark, wood-paneled libraries decorated with old portraits of statesmen and distinguished luminaries,  in fact, it is women who are leading the current Whiskey Renaissance.

With women joining the ranks of power, be it in politics or business, old attitudes are shifting –and barware patterns are also changing.

We’ve developed a new look to our classic whiskey decanters that will appeal to every whiskey lover!


Compass Decanter          Sail Boat decanter

Our Captains Decanters with compass rose and sailboat themes have a classic look that simply never goes out of style.

The new Angler’s Decanter and Rocks Glasses are angler decanter setinspired by mid-century stylized fish designs. Bold yet charming, they are artfully engraved and polished to breathe fresh life into an age-old theme.




 GB-AE anchor rope barware enl

Our line of Bohemian hand-engraved crystal is a true showstopper, with coiling rope and iconic nautical anchors, in crystal clear or intense cobalt blue.

Here’s to the whiskey aficionados among us, especially the nautically inclined ones, whether they be on land or at sea!


December 11, 2014

It’s Christmas Boat Parade Time

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Few things are as beautiful or quintessentially nautical as Christmas Boat Parades. Gather up the kids, bundle up, and head for a harbor near you.  Here is a brief list of parades happening this year in the two busiest parade areas, Florida and California. If you’re lucky enough to be in either place, make sure you don’t miss the parade!

dana point harbor Guide To Southern California Holiday Boat Parades newport boat 300 Guide To Southern California Holiday Boat Parades

California: For more information visit See California

Dec. 12th: Fisherman’s Wharf
Dec. 12-13: Dana Point, Oxnard
Dec. 13th: Bethel Island, Discovery Bay, Long Beach Shoreline Marina, Naples, Oceanside, Petaluma,  San Joaquin, Sausalito
Dec. 13-14: Huntington Beach
Dec. 14th: Marina del Rey, King Harbor, San Diego, Santa Barbara
Dec. 17-21: Newport Harbor
Dec. 21: San Diego

Florida: For more information visit: Florida By The Water

Dec. 12th: Boynton/Delray, Hernando Beach, Tarpon Springs
Dec. 13th: Apollo Beach, Bonita Springs, Captiva, Carravelle, Cedar Key, Clearwater, Cocoa Beach, Cortez/Longboat Key/Bradenton Beach, Deland, Ft. Lauderdale, Fort Pierce, Gulf Port, Key Largo, Key West, Madeira Beach, Marathon, Naples, New Smyrna Beach, Niceville, Orange Park, Orlando, Panama City Beach, Pine Island, Placida, Sarasota, St. Pete/Vina del Mar, St. Petersburg, Winter Park
Dec. 14th: Clermont, Destin, Key Colony Beach, Pompano Beach
Dec. 19th: Cape Canaveral, Titusville
Dec. 20th: Cape Coral/Fort Myers, Homosassa, Indian Rocks Beach, Merritt Island, Miami, Okeechobee, Palm Harbor/New Port Richey, Punta Gorda, Satellite Beach, St. Augustine, Tampa Bay, Treasure Island
Dec. 21st: Redington Beach/Indian Shores



October 28, 2014

As The Clocks Turn Back, Beach Lights Turn On

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Sure, we’d love to enjoy summer all year, with lazy sunny days on the water and warm swims in the sea! As we turn our clocks back this weekend, though, it’s time to officially welcome the winter months, and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of coastal living in the off-season.

Celebrated artist, surfer and chef, Jim Denevan set a creative coastal tone at the end of Daylight Savings Time last year, with his amazing solar lantern art created on Laguna’s Main Beach for the Laguna Art Museum’s Art & Nature Festival. Known internationally for his monumental, temporary drawings on beaches throughout the world, Denevan’s art is eco-friendly, and in sync with the sea. Beginning at the 4:00 a.m. low tide, Denevan worked with sticks and rakes to create a large geometric pattern of circles and spirals. Throughout the day, 40 volunteers traced his designs with approximately 2,500 solar lanterns that lit up as darkness set in.

laguna 6 sm

Jim Denevan laguna 2 sm

laguna 4 sm laguna 5 sm

Laguna Art Museum will hold its second annual Art & Nature Festival this November, celebrating Laguna Beach as a center for the appreciation of art and nature.  To learn more about this year’s Art & Nature Festival, visit 


September 19, 2014

Fall Boat Show Season

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Boat ShowSummer may be coming to a close, but there’s nothing like a triple-digit hot September to make everyone think about getting out on the water! Luckily, it’s fall boat show season, so you don’t have to wait until next year to go shopping.

Check your local harbor activities, because this is the best time to check out the newest models, take a tour of previously owned boats, and find a great broker to assist you in getting a great deal on your perfect boat.

Boat Show 2 boat show 3

And if you’re in the Newport Beach area, the Lido Yacht Expo is in full-swing, now through Sunday, with both in-water and shoreside displays. Stop by our office in Lido Village and say hello!  Now that you’ve got that boat, you’ll be needing a few luxuries for the inside!


August 9, 2014

Hommage To The Sailor’s Favorite Red Cup

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Few things are as ubiquitous, or as popular with sailors worldwide, as the iconic red Solo Cup.  When we heard they were now available in re-usable, hard, double-walled plastic – and came in new shapes for wine, martini’s and margaritas, well, we just had to smile!

Here are just a few examples of intrepid boaters and sailors putting the Red Cup to use in admirably creative ways:

red cup parade 2

Red Cup parade

Red Cup float

And – for you real Red Cup afficionados, did you know that those lines on each cup are actually there for a reason? Not that anyone I’ve ever know has ever, or would ever, actually serve to them…

Red Cup lines

Or, did you know they come in party lights?

Red Cup Lights

Or serving buckets?

red cup popcorn red cup bucket

We’re excited to see the new styles, and look forward to putting them to use onboard, and ashore.

Red Cup Group

Cheers, matey!


April 5, 2014

Boat Show Before & After

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It’s boat show season, and the docks are filled with boating enthusiasts this weekend for the Newport Boat Show at Lido Marina Village. The sun is bright, and the weather is warm – it’s the perfect time to be inspired to get out on the water, and to shop for a new or previously owned sailboat or powerboat.

Staging a lovely Beneteau sailboat for the show, reminded me of what a big difference just a few beautiful accessories can make onboard. As these before-and-after shots show, it doesn’t take much to create a cozy environment for your floating or land-based nest!

Master before after

                                                    Master Stateroom                                               

Starboard Stateroom before after                

                                                    Starboard Stateroom          

Yacht Decor

                                                           Starboard Settee

Our top accent pieces with the biggest impact: a smart looking coverlet for each bunk, color-coordinated accent pillows for bunks and main saloon settees, silk florals for an elegant touch of color and rubber feet to keep them in place, a table centerpiece, and a spectacular Italian rope serving tray – complete with non-breakable polycarbonate glasses that look like crystal!

Port Settee

                        Main Saloon

Check your local area for upcoming boat shows – be inspired, and have fun creating your own before-and-afters!


December 28, 2013

“I Must Have Flowers, Always And Always”

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We couldn’t agree more with Claude Monet’s love of flowers.  No matter the season, there’s simply nothing more beautiful than being surrounded by fresh cut flowers onboard, or in your cottage by the sea.

Fresh cut flowers aren’t always practical, or even possible, though, which is why we’ve introduced Yacht Silks. 52 astoundingly realistic permanent silk floral arrangements for yacht and home, let you enjoy the beauty of fresh cut flowers any time of year – year after year.

With 52 different arrangements, you’re sure to find a style that speaks to your personal style:

Formal traditional?




Peony Nosegay        White Tulip Bouquet




White Lily Bouquet   White Gladiola Bouquet


Classic romantic? 




  Tangerine Rose & Tulip    Rose & Ranunculus





  Woodsy Rose Bouquet    Peach Rose Bouquet



Rare tropical? 



    Mixed Orchids    Vanda Orchid Arrangement





    Phalaenopsis Orchid   Orchids, Protea & Lily




Stunning arrangements with river stones, plant fronds and vines are set in realistic looking water created by clear resin. A beautiful look that also offers stability. Lower, horizontal styles are best-suited for onboard use, but every arrangement comes with silicon low-profile “feet” to help prevent movement while on the water.


October 23, 2013

American-Made Luxury

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At a time when more and more luxury goods are being manufactured elsewhere, it’s inspiring to see a masterpiece like the new 216-foot Invictus, created right here at home.

Built by Delta Marine in Seattle, Invictus is a true luxury yacht, with a grand piano in the main salon, an upper-deck dining table for 20 guests, an on-deck gymn with magnificent views, a fold-out teak beach club at water level, a custom 28-foot Comitti tender, and a cinema with raised stadium-style seating.

Heads turn wherever she goes, as happened this past month when she visited Newport Beach. Visitors and locals alike lined the shore and created a constant parade of boats and paddleboarders, taking pictures and simply enjoying the view of one of the largest private yachts ever to enter the harbor.

Invictus was built for family cruising, and will also be available for charter in the Caribbean and Mediterranean through Burgess Yachts.

June 30, 2013

The Largest Private Yacht Ever Launched

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I’d have to agree with Yachts International Magazine, that the largest and best yachts always pique our curiosity and capture our imagination. While the largest yachts afloat may seem excessive to some, they represent the state of the art in design, engineering and craftsmanship.

This month, Yachts International Magazine features the 10 largest yacht launches of the past year. Given the increasing numbers of owners who require strict confidentiality at all levels of their projects, details and interior images of these amazing yachts are seldom available. Nonetheless, it is difficult to conceal the profile of a yacht as large as a warship once it enters the public waterways.

Topping the list at 590 feet, 6 inches in length, (180 meters), is the yacht Azaam.  At two and a half football fields long, she is the largest private yacht ever built. Azzam, (which means dedication in Arabic), was built by Lurssen Yachts in Germany, at an estimated cost of $592 million, and a gross weight of 14,000GT – roughly the equivalent of 1,750 adult African elephants!

While interior pictures are not available, here is an amazing video of her leaving the Lurssen shed, posted on The footage has been sped up, so it’s even more difficult to get a true sense of her immense size. At the sped-up rate, about 7-feet of yacht appear out of the shed per second. In about 15 seconds, 100-feet of yacht has already exited the shed!

We raise our glass to the pinnacle of nautical luxury, Azzam!


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